Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hastings Appeals to Caucus for Support

Text of an open letter found at Politcal Insider from Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL) to his House colleagues in an attempt to become Chairman of the House Intellgence Committee. The entire text appears at

Because I know you and because many of you are mindful of my 14 years in Congress, and in order not to stoke a simmering fire which had the potential to adversely affect Democrats in the '06 election, I elected not to participate in the "discussion" about whether I should be appointed Chair of the HPSCI.

The noise and misleading, poorly informed, misinformed, and sometimes venomous attacks on my integrity and character by pundits, politicians, and editors screaming the word impeachment (ignoring a Not Guilty verdict in a court of law) in a frenetic attempt to justify denying me a position I have certainly earned and am completely competent to perform requires now that I set the record straight.

Colleagues, some of the things I write you may be familiar with. Some you may not know. It is all meant to edify you so that you have the best information possible in case you are asked about me or read about me in the paper or online.


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