Monday, May 15, 2006

Congressman Towns Proposes Call for Joint House Senate Bipartisan Commission To Review Immigration Practices

The nature of the current debate on immigration has taken a divisive direction. Competing bills exist not only in the Senate and in the House, but in many state legislatures as well. We seem to have forgotten that immigration is basically a human concern. It's about the lives of millions of people-- both illegal immigrants and existing citizens. We have to get it right and for that we should gather all the best information and practices available.

Towards that end, I propose a ceasefire on the immigration debate currently going on in Congress. With congressional members split on a wide range of issues related to immigration, I recommend a Joint Senate and House bipartisan Commission with the power to conduct formal congressional hearings, conduct site visits, and gather the latest data with the objective of completing its final report in six months or less.


Blogger contend said...

Maybe Congressman Towns should listen to what the American voters are saying, pass HR.4437, anything less is not acceptable.

5:31 AM  
Blogger contend said...

We have an invasion of illegal aliens, we have Local police agencies who are willing to arrest and detain illegals, even though the Federal Gov. want do that; they will not allow local Law enforcement to detain, There are more like 30 Million illegal aliens in the United States. This is a crisis, the national anthem song in Spanish, American flags being burned, the Mexican flag paraded around all over the country. while illegal aliens are shown on National tv jumping over fences! Want a solution, stop wringing your hands get involved. " winners make it happen, while losers let it happen"

5:32 AM  

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