Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wynn Pushes President to Accelerate His Energy Independence Agenda

Congressman Wynn and a bipartisan group of House Members met with President George W. Bush to discuss his energy independence plan. During the meeting, Congressman Wynn requested that the President work with him to accelerate the Administration’s Hydrogen roadmap, which calls for hydrogen vehicles to be commercially available by 2020. Under Wynn’s plan, the cars would be available by 2015.

"If we want to increase America’s energy security, we must put forth a bold vision and aggressive goals. The President’s Advanced Energy Initiative is a move in the right direction; however, we must accelerate his timelines to make hydrogen cars commercially available within ten years. If we wait to make hydrogen a reality in 2020 and beyond, America will be reliant on foreign sources of oil for over 70% of its consumption needs. Such a situation would threaten the American economy and national security," said Wynn.


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