Thursday, February 02, 2006

Introducing The Black Policy Wire ...

We've talked about and constantly reformatted our eagerly anticipated "Black Policy Wire" for a few months now, occassionally hyping it on our weekly radio show ASCENT LIVE! Looks like we've arrived at a comfortable daily pace of information gathering for this new service since we have to consider the limits of our small, taxed and dedicated staff. That will change in due course ...

In the meantime, we present something that might be a little more digestible for our audience. The problem with the weekly wire was its length - it was just way too long. It overwhelmed the reader. This daily wire will use the spontaneous blog format - it will, any given time of the day, simply post the latest announcements, events, remarks or news involving African American elected officials on all levels that we can find in our routine browsing of cyberspace.

We want to present the information without losing you while simultaneously encouraging everyone to dig further, to click deeper, to surf new frontiers of boundless Internet beyond As you do that, feel free to offer any comments, suggestions or news by contacting us at


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